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Watch: A clip from Regina Spektor’s Live in London (CoS Premiere)

on November 09, 2010, 2:19pm

If you’ve got your giant wall-clock counting down to the release of Regina Spektor‘s new Live in London concert film and live album like we do (it takes up the whole back wall), then you’ll know we’re just two weeks away from its November 22nd arrival. But why wait for that when you can get your eyes on some footage now? Straight from the DVD itself, we present to you Spektor’s “Dance Anthem of the 80’s” live and in color (as long as you have a color laptop) Patience is a virtue… for suckers.

You want to know what magic is? And, no, it isn’t some guy sawing a girl in half; it’s this clip. Known for her bright and bubbly musical creations and great lyrical depth, always with a lot of depth, the whimsical nature of Spektor’s song truly comes alive thanks to the magic of video. We’re not sure if it’s Spektor’s enthusiastic keyboard playing, the fish-eye close-ups of her smiling, cupie doll face, or the random, pixie-like flashes of light, or waiting an hour for this to download, but all we can say is “abracadabra!” Er, watch this clip.

Check out “Dance Anthem of the 80’s”, along with the tracklists, below. Live in London hits stores November 22nd via Sire/Warner Bros. Records

Live in London Tracklist:
01. On The Radio
02. Eet
03. Folding Chair
04. Sailor Song
05. Blue Lips
06. Après Moi
07. Dance Anthem of the 80’s
08. Silly Eye Color Generalizations **
09. Bobbing For Apples **
10. Wallet
11. Ode To Divorce
12. That Time
13. The Calculation
14. Machine
15. Laughing With
16. Man Of A Thousand Faces
17. Hotel Song
18. Us
19. Fidelity
20. Samson
21. The Call
22. Love You’re A Whore **

01. Introduction (November Rain)
02. On The Radio
03. Eet
04. Laughing With
05. Folding Chair
06. Après Moi
07. Blue Lips
08. Machine
09. Dance Anthem of the 80’s
10. Silly Eye-Color Generalizations
11. Wallet
12. The Calculation
13. Man of a Thousand Faces
14. That Time
15. Hotel Song
16. Sailor Song
17. Us
18. Fidelity
19. Samson
20. Credits

Bonus Material
01. Bobbing for Apples
02. Ode to Divorce
03. The Call
04. Love, You’re a Whore
05. Soundcheck
06. To Daniel Cho

** = Indicates new recordings

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