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Check Out: “Roxanne” (MartyParty x Love & Light remix) (CoS Premiere)

on December 16, 2010, 3:35pm

If you’re a fan of electronica music, then you’re probably aware of producer/DJ Marty Folb, AKA MartyParty, AKA one-half of PANTyRAiD (along with Ooah of Glitch Mob). Even if you’re not big into the whole remix culture, you may still be familiar with Folb’s work, especially since we’ve premiered two of his tracks (a remix for The xx’s “Infinity” and his own cut “Trinity”). Fresh off the release of his first EP, SKUKUZA, we happily break you off another MartyParty production in the form of a Love & Light-featuring remix to The Police’s 1978 hit “Roxanne”.

Gone is the reggae vibe of the original, replaced with minimalist bleeps and bloops in the intro, like the sweet purr of a Casio. Toward the midway point, though, Folb really stretches his skills for all the world to hear, piling heap after heap of scary robot noise and harsh machinery on top of the island rhythm of the song’s lone guitar. Scary? Yes. Inventive? You better believe it.

Enjoy the track below. SKUKUZA is out now via The Confluence.

Check Out:
“Roxanne” (MartyParty x Love & Light Remix)

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