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Watch: Duran Duran – “All You Need Is Now”

on December 22, 2010, 1:00pm

Duran Duran is very much a band from the music video age. They reached the height of their fame in an era when MTV still played videos, and “Hungry Like The Wolf” and “A View to Kill” are hailed as classics. Although the big pants and shoulder pads are gone, the band continues to make quality MTVs over their three-decade-spanning career. Case in point: even though their latest album is only a bit subpar, the video for All You Need is Now‘s title track returns to the style and aesthetic the group is known for. The band again teamed up with Nick Egan, who directed “White Lines” and “Ordinary World” back in the mid 90s. The video also uses footage captured by Gavin Elder, the band’s documentary filmmaker. Watch it above.

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