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Astronautalis – "The Wondersmith and His Sons"

on January 11, 2011, 2:35am

Directed by: Megan Thompson and Bryant Jansen

In 2008, indie rapper Astronautalis wowed us with Pomegranate, a rap album like no other. Complex, poetic lyrics, much of it historical fiction, and the most unhip-hop instrumentals you’ve ever heard. It’s the sort of album you keep the words “unique” and “visionary” saved for, locked up in an ornate box until the special occasion presents itself. It’s no surprise that the album made it into our Top 100 Albums of the Decade, but what is shocking is the lack of music videos from the album.

Every track on Pomegranate tells a story, begging for video adaptions. Since the album’s debut, only one full-fledged video was made– the “Batdance” inspired “Trouble Hunters” (later reinterpreted by some dancing weirdo). Two years after the album’s release, fans have been left wondering if any other tracks from Pomegranate would get the video treatment before the next Astronautalis album drops. Wonder no more, “The Wondersmith and His Sons” is here.

“My friends Megan Thompson & Bryant Jensen had a great idea, few cannon cameras, a tasteful amount of stage blood, so they invited me out to the desert to drag me behind a car for a few hours.”

What’s next for Astronautalis? Earlier this year, he dropped a killer mixtape called DANCEHALLHORNSOUND!!, word is that another is on the way. In 2011, his long-awaited collab with P.O.S. drops. It’s called Four Fists and is seven tracks long, all based on F. Scott Fitzgerald stories. And as for the next album, he’s been performing new tracks live, so it’s only a matter of time.

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