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Coachella's 2011 Lineup: How it looks 15 hours later

on January 19, 2011, 3:00pm
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coachella real 2011 2 Coachella's 2011 Lineup: How it looks 15 hours later

So here we are. A little more then 15 hours after the 2011 lineup for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival was released. How’d you sleep? At least that four hour nap kicked off the right way, what with a Strokes album title? Anyhow, this is the part of the show/day when we evaluate the lineup that woke us out of bed at 12:02 AM EST on the east coast and had us pause American Idol out west. By now, you’ve fully digested it, combed your way through each day, and checked and doubled checked to make sure Daft Punk really isn’t playing. Now’s the part where we accept what we got, analyze the shit out of it, and then officially declare what we like, what surprised us, what they forgot, and who we should learn more about. FYI, Coachella is 86 days away.

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