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Warped Tour vs. Mayhem Festival: If you had to…

on January 25, 2011, 5:57pm

Hot Topic-approved summer staples Warped Tour and Mayhem Festival recently revealed their respective 2011 bills, so now it’s time to play a game. Which would you rather attend?

Unlike when you were in grade school and the likes of Blink-182, Eminem, and Green Day found their way onto the bill, the Warped Tour has evolved into a traveling showcase of pop-punk’s hottest toddlers. Simple Plan, Lucero, and The Aggrolites make up the bands you’ve probably heard of, while other confirmed acts include Enter Shikari, Big D and The Kids Table, I Set My Friends On Fire, Foxy Shazam, and Dance Gavin Dance.

Now in its fourth incarnation, the metal-heavy Rockstar Mayhem Fest boasts Godsmack, Disturbed, and Megadeth for its 2k11 edition, along with a bunch of bands that you’d never want to meet in a dark alley; In Flames, All Shall Perish, Kingdom of Sorrow, etc.

Both festivals are of the traveling kind, meaning you won’t have to go very far in order hear yourself some “Perfect”. Locations and dates for Warped and Mayhem can be found here and here, respectively.

Nether festival has announced ticket prices, but based on last year’s going rates, expect to drop $30-35 for Warped and around $10 more for Mayhem.


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