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Watch: Iron & Wine, The Walkmen, Young the Giant hit late night

on January 07, 2011, 6:42am

Jimmy Fallon’s late night musical offering has evolved into an unbeatable force (minus the times when Jack decides to show up on CoCo), but two other after-hour talkers made pretty strong efforts last night. While J-Fal watched Iron & Wine debut their new track “Half Moon” (which was introduced by internet celebrity Ted Williams, David Letterman hosted The Walkmen and their dazzling Lisbon gem “Juveniles” and Jimmy Kimmell introduced the masses to California up and comers Young the Giant, who played two tracks, “My Body” and “Apartment”.

Courtesy of The Audio Perv, you can watch Iron and Wine’s performance above and clips of The Walkmen and Young the Giant below. Update: Iron & Wine also did a web exclusive performance of “Teeth in the Grass”, off 2004’s Our Endless Numbered Days. Check it out below as well.

Iron & Wine – “Teeth in the Grass”

The Walkmen – “Juveniles”

Young the Giant – “My Body”

Young the Giant – “Apartment”

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