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CoS on Film: 10 Film Scores You Really Should Know…

on February 27, 2011, 12:01am
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cos on film CoS on Film: 10 Film Scores You Really Should Know...Think of your favorite film right now. Chances are high that along with an incredible scene, you remember the music, as well. So much attention is put on the actors, the director, the script, the story, and the visuals that the songs supporting them almost slide underneath the surface. Sometimes a really good composer can say more with a single note or melody than pages of dialogue. They evoke every emotion possible, from fear to happiness to melancholy, all while having pretty catchy melodies. It’s a way of creating an instant connection for the viewer, even before they’ve really figured out the plot or have become invested in the characters.

Throughout the last hundred years, movie soundtracks have brought out some of the greatest and most memorable themes of all time. Would the slow approach of the Great White shark in Jaws have as much impact without John Williams’ building tension that gets higher and higher with each note? Is the drama of the gun duel at the end of Once Upon a Time in the West lost without Ennio Morricone’s harmonica-driven piece? How could anyone imagine James Bond without hearing at least one of the dozen variations of the high-action theme originally scored by Monty Norman? In many cases, the themes and melodies created for these films are just as iconic as the character/actor/director/etc.

-Joe Marvilli
Creative Coordinator/Senior Staff Writer

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