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Johnny Marr plans two solo albums over 18 months

on February 28, 2011, 5:25pm

For the past five years, Johnny Marr has been relatively busy, though he’s mostly been tagging along with others. In 2007, he collaborated with Modest Mouse on We We Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, and since then he’s worked with The Cribs and on last year’s jaw dropping score for Inception, which pit him alongside Hans Zimmer. Now, he’s ready to do his own thing.

At a pre-Oscar soiree of sorts, Marr told Billboard, “With the Cribs not working I’ve been writing a lot on my own.” The publication goes on to report that the former Smiths axeman plans to release two albums within the next 18 months. These releases would be his first since 2003’s Boomslang.

No more further details are available on the releases; what’s more, Billboard hints that Marr neglected to mention any future collaborations with The Cribs. However, in news that will make this writer dream splendidly, Marr seemed positive in staying close with Zimmer, stating, “We will work together again.”

We’ll take more of this, please…

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