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The Luyas: Everything Is Outta Sight – a film by Derrick Belcham & Vincent Moon –

on February 18, 2011, 4:00pm

In October 2010 The Luyas, in collaboration with artists Ruby Kato Attwood and Derrick Belcham, put on an incredible multimedia show at the Red Bird Gallery as a part of Pop Montreal.

The idea was to melt people into letting their guard down, so the team got permission to build a paper forest. With paper and light and other things that the Luyas dragged up off the streets, they built their weird world. There was a mountain, a waterfall, trees, and falling leaves. There was a monster playing a piano, and there were swamp creature dancers.

Director Vincent Moon (of the Efterklang feature-length collaboration, An Island) teamed up with Belcham to freeze this madness in space and time into a live concertfilm.

Directed by: Derrick Belcham & Vincent Moon