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The Thermals – “Never Listen to Me”

on February 02, 2011, 4:15pm

For their fifth LP, Portland’s punk trio The Thermals opened up to the world with a telling story of sonic heartbreak that was arguably their most personal release to date (which explains why it’s called Personal Life). While previous music videos from the album have seen the band torment Carrie Brownstein, the clip  for “Never Listen to Me” is a more intimate clip, shot in Kodak’s Kodachrome film to give it a hazy, home movie feel. After you’re done feeling all warm and fuzzy, pick up the band’s last single from Personal Life, “Not Like Any Other Feeling”, which will be released digitally on February 1st and as a 7? single on February 15tth via Kill Rock Stars.

Directed by: Lance Bangs & Aubree Bernier-Clarke

iou3whedn87wchc The Thermals   Never Listen to Me

So close now! The last one’s really tough!