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50 Cent set to star alongside Robert De Niro in Freelancers

on March 29, 2011, 3:35pm

It’s clear 50 Cent loves getting his hands onto anything that’ll net him money. That includes film and acting, even if nothing he ever does in that industry ever ends up successful. Still, a 10 picture, $200 million dollar deal made last year between 50’s Cheetah Vision production company and Lionsgate is keeping his movie career going. Next up in that deal is a flick called Freelancers, and according to The Playlist, it looks like it’ll see 50 re-teaming with the great Robert De Niro.

The first time the two met was during the less-than-spectacular Righteous Kill, and to be frank, things don’t look any better this time around. This new production appears to be a fairly formulaic cop drama in which a murdered NYPD cop leaves his son (Fiddy) behind to deal with mourning and vengeance. De Niro plays Captain Vic Sarcone, the dead cop’s former partner, who eventually brings Fiddy onto a team of reprobate cops turned vigilantes. Bullets! Blood! Vengeance! Corruption! Ain’t New York City grand?

Not helping the matter is rookie writer L. Philippe Casseus and director Jessy Terror, who helmed Soul Plane and 50’s direct-to-video bomb Gun with Val Kilmer. Production begins next month, and Forest Whitaker is reportedly in talks for a role.

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