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R.E.M. – “That Someone Is You” [Live in the Studio]

on March 10, 2011, 4:00pm

A Cluster 1 Premiere!

So you’ve had a chance to listen to the latest R.E.M. record, Collapse Into Now, and you thought it was just as sweet as we did. Now your anticipation for the rest of the 12 commissioned videos (for each of the album’s 12 tracks) is even greater, especially after you saw Michael Stipe being flipped and folded up a flight of stairs or the dude from Kick-Ass turn a London street into a interpretive dance studio. Ours is too, but sadly, this isn’t one of those videos. But, if you’ve been praying to whoever you pray to for a live show, then this clip will ease the pain. Courtesy of Cluster 1, you can catch the band live in studio performing the track, “That Someone Is You”.

Though the shortest track on the record by a full minute (and one second!), R.E.M. still pump in as much energy and joy into the simple, fun pop song as anything else. Stipe and unofficial member Scott McCaughey can’t help but smile; and with lines like “pull me up and out of cartoon quicksand,” how could they? No, it’s not one of the 12, but it was recorded in Berlin’s legendary Hansa Studio (where Brian Eno and David Bowie laid down Heroes), and that’s pretty extraordinary.

This marks the fourth live video to appear online after “Mine Smell Like Honey”“Oh My Heart” (which also recently had a music video land), and thanks to Rolling Stone, “Discoverer”. You can also check a ‘making of’ video featuring the boys in the same studio and clips from other album tracks over at Italian website Rockol. In sum, four live clips and four music videos have hit thus far. Wonder what’s going to drop next? We’ll let you know when it does.

-Ben Kaye

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