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The Strokes already plotting follow-up to Angles

on March 25, 2011, 9:12am

Those who ordered Angles on Amazon very well may have received it in the mail today. So it comes as something of a shock that The Strokes bassist Nikolai Fraiture has just made the band’s long-anticipated and just-released fourth album old news. In an interview with Steve Harris of XFM (via, Fraiture said the band will soon begin writing for a fifth album — as soon as next month.

“We just were talking yesterday about when we would get back together and start working on writing for the next album,” Fraiture told Harris, continuing without suspense: “which would be some point soon, I think around April — mid-April.”

That’s right, folks. The Strokes will spend their downtime at Coachella writing some more kickass songs, headline the final night, and then it’s back to the pen and pad. It will go something like that, anyway.

Details stop there, but it should be noted that the record would mark the fifth and final release as part of the band’s current contract with RCA.

The interview is embedded below; Fraiture also discusses his feelings on the Angles recording process, the differences between Angles and the other three, and other Angles-related babble.

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