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Watch: R.E.M. – “Oh My Heart”

on March 09, 2011, 2:50pm

If you haven’t read, we’re pretty jazzed about the new R.E.M. album. Collapse Into Now, the group’s 15th effort to date, succeeds on a variety of levels. While we’ll continue to itch for a tour, the Athens, GA rockers have kept us fairly entertained. As we learned last week, with videos for “Ãœberlin” and “It Happened Today”, the band plans to bring the album to life by commissioning different directors to take on each of the album’s 12 tracks. So far, they’ve been pretty impressive. Did you see the one for “Mine Smell Like Honey”? Wow.

Today, courtesy of IFC, we receive Jem Cohen’s vision for “Oh My Heart”. One of the lighter, more introspective cuts off the album, the video focuses on the urban landscapes that flood Vienna. Given that the NY filmmaker traditionally shoots in this style, this all makes sense. Still, regardless of how sharp the shots may be, it just seems lacking. Some pieces, in fact, come off as stock footage. There’s one moment, and it involves an escalator, that’s legitimately fitting, however. But, overall, it’s a little bit of a letdown, especially given the director’s relationship with the band. (He directed videos for “Talk About the Passion,” “Country Feedback”, and “NightSwimming”.) Then again, you decide for yourselves.

So, four down… boy, we have awhile to go.

Collapse Into Now is currently available everywhere.

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