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Watch: Robotanists – "On/Off Ledge" (Cluster 1 Premiere)

on March 30, 2011, 12:50pm

Leave it to Los Angeles to keep things delectably weird. Supporting its latest LP, Plans in Progress, the City of Angels’ latest indie-pop manufacturers, the Robotanists, have issued a video for their new polished single, “On/Off Ledge”. If you haven’t heard the tune, it’s a dreamy, buttercup-tasting jingle, one that highlights vocalist/songwriter Sarah Ellquist’s melancholy-on-a-sunny-day melodies. Over a bath of lucid instrumentation from surrounding band mates Daniel DeBlanke (guitar, keys), Keith Boyarsky (bass), and Preston Scott Phillips (drums), the song bounces and bubbles in ways that beg the listener to fly out to California, rent a convertible, and wave at passerbys who have miserable lives.

But, we’re really just stoked about the video.

Directed by Thomas Kenney, the four minute (and one second!) clip finds the band living their song. It’s bright, it’s balmy, and it’s everything California feels like to tourists. However, things go awry. Here are some questions for you: Have you ever wondered what a Silver Lake princess would look like singing indie pop as a deteriorating zombie? Have you ever seen vomit with diamonds? Has your gas grill ever exploded during a roof top party? If not, and you’re too scared of seeing these things in person, then this video is right up your alley – especially if you’re into the whole AnCo thing and you enjoy wearing animal masks. God help you if you wear those animal-themed beanies, though. Seriously.

If you’re still warming up to the band, but you’re also rabid for Radiohead, you might be pleased to know that this talented quartet managed to cover the album only 24 hours after its release. You can hear their version here – perhaps you’ll enjoy it more. Outside of that, it might behoove you (and your summer plans) to grab the group’s latest effort, which is available now via Overheard Records.

Check out the video over at Cluster 1!