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Watch: Telepathique – “Chicken” (Cluster 1 Premiere)

on March 09, 2011, 1:25pm

Brazilian band Telepathique has a particular sound that’s difficult to describe. A bit of rock, a bit of electronica, but still different from what you might expect from a combination of the two. Their first LP took two years to head up to the States, but if you’re worrying about having to pay import fees on their new EP, All Your Lovers, don’t. The magic of digital downloads will get it to you as soon as the rest of the world gets it.

Though we see a lot of music videos these days with fancy special effects, Telepathique took a much simpler approach to their video for “Chicken”, the first song off of the EP. Grainy footage of the band playing with different color filters over it is pretty much all there is to see; I sincerely doubt that the budget for this video was much more than the price of a camcorder and a bit of editing software. Still, it works.

Check out the premiere of it at our own Cluster 1, and if it gets you intrigued, you can get their album here.

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