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A few notes…

on April 26, 2011, 8:10pm

Hey folks:

As you may have already noticed, we upgraded the comments section on Consequence of Sound, Festival Outlook, and Cluster 1. Now, readers can reply to and “like” specific comments, share photo and videos, have their own avatar, and subscribe to specific comment threads. Plus, all three sites are integrated, meaning you only need one account to comment on all three.

An account is not required to comment, but is recommended. You can either register through Disqus, or connect via Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. Just go to a specific comment thread and click on the Disqus logo to get started.

We hope that this new system will further foster the community and discussion found on Consequence of Sound, Festival Outlook, and Cluster 1. So please comment!

Also, while we have your attention, please do not forget to follow @coslive, @festivaloutlook, @cluster1tv on Twitter and “Like” Consequence of Sound and Cluster 1 on Facebook. These social networking tools are the best resources in keeping up with our rapid posting schedule.

Thanks for reading,

The boys and girls who run this place.

Special thanks to Rinat & Doejo for their hard work…