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And the winner for the Scattered Trees Video Contest is…

on April 13, 2011, 1:00pm

Thank you to all four entries for the contest — they all truly were spectacular pieces. The winner is… well, I’ll leave that to Jason M. Harper from Chicago’s Scattered Trees:

When there’s a camera on every phone and more than 24 hours worth of footage uploaded to YouTube every single minute, creating content is easy. But making art that rises from the static is as difficult as ever. A meaningful music video takes practice, control, and the uncommon ingenuity necessary to invent a new world. A surreal world. The paradox about the whole situation is that through our relationship with this “once-removed” world on the screen, we actually move closer to (and come to terms with) reality. At least that’s what a good film does.

We were surprised and delighted by the film students we selected to make a video for “Four Days Straight” — not just the videos but the directors themselves. Each personality saw the song in a different and interesting way. That said, we’re proud to announce that the winning director of the Scattered Trees FourPlay music video competition is Markus Kneer. His treatment for the video was ambitious — which made us both excited and anxious that with the tight time constriction he might not be able to achieve what he saw in his head. In the end, he and his team exceeded our expectations. Markus reached out via telephone to discuss the song meaning while the band was enroute to NYC, his crew from NYU was professional and accommodating on set, and his post-production (especially the work of animator Niklaus Hofer) tied the entire work together. Thus, Markus’ video is impressive both technically and thematically — making for a bold and theatrical debut for him into the music video world. Congrats, Markus, and well done to his entire team.

– Jason M. Harper & Scattered Trees

Congratulations, Markus!  Check out his video below.

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