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Check Out: Callers – “Ringer” (CoS Premiere)

on April 20, 2011, 12:22pm

wv89.cover  1022x1024 Check Out: Callers   Ringer (CoS Premiere)

The eclectic Callers never stay put for too long, musically speaking. And even if there was a moment of stasis in the Brooklyn trio’s lives, the feeling easily wore off well before “Ringer” even started. The track is one-off recorded this year, after the band’s 2010 debut Life of Love, and features proto-punk drumming, Sara Lucas’ golden voice reaching for sophisticated melodies over a bottled up (then exploded) guitar riff. It flits and spurts around for a brief two and a half minutes, but with a track so rife with full-fleshed ideas and palpable spontaneity, it’s hard not to hit play again. Check out the track below.


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