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David Bowie gets an app, movie re-release

on April 04, 2011, 12:50pm

It’s hard to retire after spending a large chunk of your career glowing in the limelight. Just ask David Bowie. The 64-year-old glam rock king – whose real name is David Robert Jones – had made his wife feel like he had no future music plans last year, and while he certainly hasn’t released anything new, the rest of the world has still done a good job of keeping his name in the collective consciousness.

Fellow Englishmen covered Bowie for Christmas, and some bloke leaked an unreleased 2001 album, Toy, just a few weeks ago. Bowie even had to come out and discredit a “new” live album.

Well, now iPhone users can feed their addiction to good ol’ Ziggy Stardust as Music Radar is reporting that a re-issue of the “Golden Years” single will be accompanied by a new app which allows you to remix Bowie’s 1975 single. The app reportedly contains stem files for lead vocals, a 12-string guitar, a bass, drums, another guitar, a harmonium, percussion, and backing vocals that were bounced down from the original’s 16-track recording. The whole thing can be in your hands on June 6th. While it’s unknown whether the app will be free or not, fans can still look forward to a re-release of Bowie’s film debut, The Man Who Fell To Earth , later this month.

The 1976 cult classic found Bowie killing it as he played an extraterrestrial being, and while it was cut during the height of Bowie’s cocaine addiction, the BBC’s Elizabeth Alker took a deeper look and found that the singer completely relinquished control of his own impulses and gave into the instructions of director, Nicolas Roeg. The re-release happens as a part of the British Film Institutes retrospective on the director’s work and more information can be found here.

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