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Francois Peglau – "We Know We Won't Make It"

on April 06, 2011, 3:15pm

A Cluster 1 Premiere!

The smooth singing of Francois Peglau lends itself perfectly to romantic fairy tales. What better way to show that than with a modern-day retelling of Cinderella? “We Know We Won’t Make It” features a young live-in maid who’s made to do everything around the apartment for her selfish, ungrateful employers and their lousy friends. Throughout the video, she keeps catching glimpses of Peglau performing on a talk show and wants nothing more than to run off with him. Will she get her storybook ending? Watch and find out!

“We Know We Won’t Make It” is from Peglau new record, The Imminent Failure of Francois Peglau. The album can be bought (along with a couple free downloads) here.

Directed and produced by: Fracaso Productions

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