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FREEEBIRD#43 – On The Stoop with Evil Dee (Part 1)

on April 07, 2011, 2:30pm

Cluster 1, meet bleubird – indie rapper and amateur documentarian traveling North America in a tricked-out RV and filming his journey for your amusement. He’s been making these bad boys since July of 2010 and shows no signs of stopping. Want to know more about the man and the mission? Check out his intro to the show, just for Cluster 1 HERE.

First Bleubird made a big splash upon arriving in Montreal, then he spent an afternoon with the incredible Kid Koala. In this week’s video, he’s back in New York City to chat with producer Evil Dee about engineering/DJ’ing/internet radio/serato/Hot 97/The Boot Camp Click/OGC/Black Moon/ Smif N Wessun and everything in between. Here’s what the Bird had to say:

Nobs met him through digging and trading vinyl in NY, told him about Freeebird and asked if he would be into an interview, he regaled us with so many stories I had to break it into two pieces. When Enta da Stage dropped in 93 it became a hugely influential album for me, seeing Evil scratching with his turntables on the floor in that abandoned building at 16, I never thought I would be sitting on his stoop in Bushwick, interviewing him for my blog.

Learn more about Evil Dee here.

Tune in to Cluster 1 to follow Bleubird on his journeys. Follow him on twitter too, and see where he’s traveling to next @bleubirdy.

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