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Last Night: Twilight Singers perform “On The Corner” for Letterman

on April 27, 2011, 8:35am

When listening to a song with the lyrics “Spread your legs/Insert your alibi”, “Come taste the body”, and “Lick your lips” images of sexual acts are hard to repress, but according to The Twilight Singer’s Greg Dulli, he doesn’t know what exactly his lyrics to “On The Corner” mean. Describing his writing process for the new album Dynamite Steps in a recent interview with SPIN, Dulli revealed that “I try to find words that sound good and that my mouth enjoys saying, but their meaning usually doesn’t come to me until later.”

Innuendoes or not, the Twilight Singers’ late night performance on Letterman got viewers dancing between the sheets. The performance builds off of the steady percussive beat, a simple piano melody, and Dulli’s gritty vocals, but the song doesn’t really take off until some unknown character takes their place. Really, no meaning? Check the video above, and keep an ear open for the riffs courtesy of guitarist Dave Rosser (via The Audio Perv).

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