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Lollapalooza’s 2011 Lineup: 24 Hours Later

on April 27, 2011, 1:45am
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lollapalooza 260x260 Lollapaloozas 2011 Lineup: 24 Hours LaterIt’s fitting that the day the Lollapalooza lineup hits, it’s muggy in Chicago. It’s sort of a reminder of the sticky chaos that’s sure to come in August: the days where an icy bottle of water sounds more intriguing than a stack of ones, the moments where you’re deciding if your legs can trek the half a mile or so across the park one last time (all for an indie act you’ve only “heard” about), or the hours spent debating new-found friends on the CTA over what headliner will draw the most. Yeah, it’s nearly summer in Chicago, and you almost have to cover your eyes at the nasty glares coming from Perry Farrell’s rich, gold suit. Already.

So, it’s out. The third entry in The Big Four – that is, Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and Austin City Limits – is here for our reading pleasure. Some of you have already raced to Facebook, the comments section here, the Lolla board, or your wilted notebook resting on your nightstand to gripe, complain, and tear it apart. That’s only natural of any raging internet fanatic – we’ve been there, you can tell. But, as with anything that tugs at the emotional heartstrings, you need to take some time out, smother yourself in ice cubes, and/or go through a pack of Camel Lights. Just relax. Then, take a look at it again.

As usual, it’s a pretty solid lineup. ::avoids the rotten tomatoes:: No, no, no. Be fair, be fair. Look at it closely: There’s an impressive undercard to flirt with, a sparkly group of headliners that won’t disappoint (regardless if they’re repeats or unsurprising), and the expansion to Perry’s Stage can only add to the already drunken, dreamy weekend for many a festivalgoer. Just a quick scan through the lineup hints at a thrifty three-day extravaganza. It’s hard to believe with so many hot mid-day acts (i.e. The Mountain Goats, Lykke Li, Explosions in the Sky) and a series of highly requested reunions (e.g. Big Audio Dynamite, The Cars, Death From Above 1979) that anyone would be bored or wandering around sad. Plus, and here’s something everyone seems to be forgetting, you’re still in one of the best goddamn cities in the world – the gem next to the lake. Yeah.

Still, there are things left to be said…

-Michael Roffman

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