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Mario Basanov & Vidis feat Jazzu – “I’ll be gone”

on April 15, 2011, 2:30pm

Lie detectors are said to work by measuring several physiological signs, such as blood pressure, respiration, and pulse. For Rimantas Lukavicius’ music video of Mario Basanov & Vidis feat Jazzu‘s “I’ll be gone,” the pulse part is the most important. The four separate lines on the chart recorder don’t measure out human pulses but musical ones instead. Each beat, click, synth, and vocal is recorded by the polygraph, creating four charts of a song’s journey from start to finish.

Directed by: Rimantas Lukavicius
CGI: Rimantas Lukavicius
Produced by: Martynas Mickenas, Arunas Matacius

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