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My Morning Jacket launches Self-Hypnosis Series

on April 14, 2011, 1:24pm

Jack White must have started a trend with Third Man Record’s The Vault because now comes another must-subscribe fan club in the form of My Morning Jacket‘s Roll Call. As Antiquet points out, the recently launched program the basics — ticket pre-sales, a free t-shirt, etc. — as well as early access to something called the Self-Hypnosis Series. The whole thing is a tad bit confusing/hilarious, so we’ll let the band take it from here:

“The Self-Hypnosis Series will begin an exploration into the core of each individual heart, mind, body, and soul that joins the Roll Call fan club. Based on a desire to help each individual fan reach a state of emotional bliss, a new algorithm was recently developed at Removador HQ. It can sense listeners temperature and emotional climate at the time of listening-thru any listening device, be it speakers or headphones, and cater a listening experience truly unique for each listener. MMJ will carefully handcraft and carve pieces of music that will provide a vehicle for the listener to enter a new gateway of self exploration and understanding based on their current state of mind at the time of each listen. The Self-Hypnosis Series will start with a piece entitled “Octoplasm” which will be available via download immediately upon joining Roll Call. New titles in the Self-Hypnosis series will appear randomly, or on a strict schedule and will be available only to Roll Call members. We hope you are to enjoy!”

Those looking to hear a preview of “Octoplasm” can hit Antiquiet, where the song is streaming in full. A one-year membership in Roll Call is priced at $29.99 and can be obtained by pre-ordering the band’s forthcoming album, Circuital, at Membership also promises other exclusive music, including b-sides, demos, and live songs.

Circuital arrives May 31st via ATO Records. If you haven’t yet, check out the album’s title track here.

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