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Take Away Show #100 – Soema Montenegro – Part 3

on April 01, 2011, 7:15pm

Vincent Moon’s Take Away Show is a series of profiles on musical artists from across the globe, filmed by a wide array of directors. They started being developed back in 2006 for La Blogothèque and have appeared there ever since. This is more than just your standard Q&A or a live performance. The episodes are intimate, with all focus placed on the craft. In many ways, it feels like the musicians are playing for themselves and for their connection to the music. It’s not about what they create, it’s about how they create.

In this video, Argentinian musician Soema Montenegro heads into Buenos Aries. Like many great musicians before her, she performances in the city’s subway. First, she walks down a station tunnel with a drum, letting her voice echo off the walls. Then she heads on a train for a light, acoustic piece  to the commuters. Unlike part 2, Montenegro talks a little about her music, specifically on how it was a calling for her and how this art connects us all.  Can’t wait ’til we post the next part? You can view the entire 30 minute plus documentary here.

Montenegro’s second album, Passionaria, the first to be published in the USA, will arrive on May 31st.

Directed by: Vincent Moon
Edited by: Lucas Archambault
Mix by: Leo Ghernetti

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