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The Knux discuss sophomore LP Eraser, “house party” tour

on April 21, 2011, 3:56pm

Preconceived notions, despite their negative status, are still readily accepted and applied because, when faced with a certain set of stimuli or a new situation, putting things in boxes makes the world a warm, happy place. Thankfully, the art and culture of the world has the prime directive to annihilate said notions, exposing the world to a greater truth. And The Knux are continuing that tradition with their upcoming sophomore LP, Eraser, tentatively set to hit stores June 21st. In an interview with CoS, brothers Krispy and Joey talk about how their new LP will reshape their image, while also hinting at some upcoming innovative touring plans.

Produced almost exclusively by the duo, Eraser‘s title comes from a feeling of starting fresh and emphasizing the live sound the band has developed since dropping their debut LP, Remind Me in 3 Days…, back in 2008.

“With this album, we want to take those preconceived notions and shatter and erase them,” eldest brother Krispy says. “This albums sums up everything we want to do. To transcend where we are and to smash everything wide open and make the kind of record that has that big sound we have live. It’s had hitting as shit and we keep the mayhem going and keep it free-flowing.” Despite that chaotic nature, Joey insists the album will still begin where the last album left off and deliver one cohesive message, stating, “Every song has its own story, so everything ties into each other.”

While a rock and roll album might be popular for the indie set, The Knux recognize that some hip-hop fans might not be as willing to get their rock and roll on. They counter that the sound of the album blares past any tightly-held genre loyalties and gets to a core issue all music fans are obsessed with. “This album is heavy, heavy; it’s sexy,” Krispy insists. “Even those don’t that like certain rock bands like that sexiness of certain rock bands. This album’s got that ’70s feel, but its very modern and straight-forward.”

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To assist in the process, the MCs brought on Robert Orton, who has mixed albums for Lady Gaga and The Police, to aid them in creating the guitar-centric album that would be the “consolidated ‘punch-me-in-the-face album’ ” the outfit had their eyes on. That mostly DIY attitude also extended to the guests the brothers invited to play on the record. The one substantial contributor is an MC the group consider a kindred spirit: Kid Cudi.

“We met him at a club and he hugged me for a really long time,” Krispy says about Mr. Solo Dolo, who appears on the song “Run”. “He’s really deep and serious about music and one of the modern guys who won’t compromise. We like urban hood dudes who don’t get boxed in by stereotypes.”

Part of that attitude may be spurred on by the band’s perceptions about the media, particularly the blogosphere. Deciding a long time ago to fight against the predetermined tastes and stratification that occurs within many online music sites and magazines, they’re not ones to do something to further traffic or to top trending topics. “Blogs are Nazis,” Joey says. “They’re either super, super hip, or about the super popular; they’re forgetting the middle, the good shit people really want to here. It’s like Neil Young’s “Shock and Awe”. ‘Let me just make the loudest noise.’ Well, we’re not fucking making noise.”

That middle of the road approach also manifests itself in the band’s touring plans. In a day and age where ticket prices and selling practices are generating controversy, The Knux are taking the shows back to the people with an upcoming tour of house parties. Using Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking tools, they’re finding willing fans’ houses to rock with good tunes and free booze. “We just want to do different cool shit for the fans,” Krispy says. “This thing is stupid viral and it’s going to be fucking rad. We just want to build something and change the musical landscape.”

With the first show scheduled shortly in their hometown of New Orleans, LA, stay tuned for more info as it’s announced. Eraser is scheduled to hit stores June 21st via Cherrytree/Interscope.

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