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Watch: British Sea Power plays For No One (Cluster 1 Premiere)

on April 25, 2011, 4:40pm

british sea power Watch: British Sea Power plays For No One (Cluster 1 Premiere)

It’s said that all the world’s a stage. But when is a stage not really a stage? How about when there’s no audience? For the latest from filmmaker Daniel Ryan’s For No One music film series, indie rockers British Sea Power power through a rocking rendition of their song “Who’s In Control” off their latest record, Valhalla Dancehall. The series, which also features performances from acts like Titus Andronicus and The Big Pink, offers an “intimate glimpse of bands playing to a room without a crowd.” While that kind of solitude might be stifling for some acts, the folks of BSP come alive with a clear, focused shot of rock noise filtered through a truly high-end cinematic experience. Check out the clip now at Cluster 1.

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