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Watch: Coachella gets “Goldblumed”

on April 22, 2011, 10:10am

2011 04april 22 goldlblumcoach Watch: Coachella gets Goldblumed

Last weekend saw Coachella blow the door of this festival season with its humongous lineup, but per Funny or Die, not even “Arcade Führer” or “Kanye Vice” could eclipse the star that was Jeff Goldblum.

His recent collaboration with Biz Markie on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon already cemented the fact that the 58-year-old’s musical chops were definitely up to par, but his impromptu performance at the festival’s campground was apparently the stuff of legends – or at least good enough to piece together a four-minute clip that will undoubtedly go viral before the day is over.

The satire is officially called “Goldblum At Coachella”, and while fans and bloggers were undoubtedly confused when Goldblum and his band – The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra – randomly appeared on a portable stage, Funny or Die producer Allison Hord knew exactly what she wanted she was pulling off. “It’s not even inside Coachella. It’s on a cheap wedding stage on the campground,” she told the Los Angeles Times, “[it’s] just an amazing opportunity to combine humor with a music festival – if anything, campers will get a kick out of it.”

They got more than a kick. Gawkers – who get dubbed “Brundleliers” in the video – were undoubtedly pleased, and Goldblum and the band sounded tight. Hell, he even invited a spectator named Tim Foley to lead the boys through a version of the standard “Imagination Is Funny”.  Watch the crowd get “Goldblumed” below.

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