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Watch: Kitty has claws in Superchunk’s “Crossed Wires”

on April 15, 2011, 12:42pm

There’s certain go-to visuals that each genre of music is notorious to returning to time and time again. For rappers, it’s gorgeous women shaking what their mommas gave them. For those metal gods of the world, it’s Satan. And now we at CoS have discovered the tried and true video concept for indie rockers: cats. While Best Coast went for the lolz, veteran indie rockers Superchunk have decided to tackle a question that has plagued mankind for eons with the video for Majesty Shredding‘s “Crossed Wires”: what do cats get up to do when they’re on the prowl? By attaching a camera to bassist Laura Ballance’s cat, we all now know cats are violent lowlifes capable of stealing and inflicting physical harm in order to feed their drug-and-alcohol-fueled lifestyle of self destruction. But they’re just so damn snuggable! Check out the video above (via Pitchfork).

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