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Watch: Mos Def’s acapella verse over Tyler, The Creator’s “Yonkers”

on April 13, 2011, 4:25pm

After jumping in-front of J-Fal’s camera February 16th to close-out OFWGKTA’s raucous “Sandwiches” performance, Mos Def continued his vocal advocacy of Odd Future and their de facto frontman Tyler, The Creator during an April 9th performance at USC’s Springfest. According to Irockcollege.com, Mos Def first warned the audience to get their cameras ready, then killed a 1:11 freestyle meant to accompany the beats of Tyler, The Creator’s controversial single “Yonkers”. Mos Def’s verses are definitely more civil than the Odd Future frontman’s, replacing rhymes about dinosaurs, Jesus, and stabbing hipsters with lines about dental hygiene, the devil, and some classic films. Without the beat, it’s hard to make the connection, so the “Yonkers” instrumental is available below to make the task slightly easier.

Odd Future showed their appreciation for Mos Def with a few shout-outs during their April 1st performance in Pomona, CA (with the rapper turned actor-turned-hype man expected to be in attendance), so with the crew hitting New York City May 13th, might the love flow over to the East Coast? Best have those tickets ordered, because they’ve already sold out!

“Yonkers” Instrumental

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