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When Saints Go Machine – “Add Ends”

on April 13, 2011, 4:00pm

Sometimes, a story-driven music video just clicks perfectly with a band’s sound. In the case of When Saints Go Machine, the sparse but rich instrumentation matches up with the surreal fantasy found above. An elderly man has an altercation with a shady character on what may be his deathbed, which leaves him in the possession of a staff that heals by touch. Adding to the fantastical elements of this world, the backgrounds are rear-projected on a wrinkled sheet.  This tale of life, death, and everything in between is worth checking out for more than its visuals. The themes are universal and the story is a touching one.

Directed by: Dawn Carol Garcia
Cinematographer: Paul de Lumen
Edited by: Ian Arthur
Produced by: Boxer Film
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