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Here We Go Magic The January EP

on May 10, 2011, 8:00am
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This is one musical journey that barely seems long enough. Brooklyn’s Here We Go Magic have a truly enchanting release with The January EP. It’s an adventure in experimental psychedelic rock and falsetto vocals, guided by front-man Luke Temple. The album ends abruptly, right when it hits its stride. Six tracks, clocking in around 20 minutes, leaves listeners wanting more.

Produced by the band’s own Jen Turner, The January EP was recorded live to analog tape in a band built living room studio, during the same time as they were working on 2009’s Pigeons. With each release the group has matured and expanded on their dreamy bedroom pop sound. The January EP is a noteworthy release to add to their catalog.

The release is filled with subtle gems, that will linger with listeners long after they’ve stopped listening. It consists of a combination of captivating soundscapes that form one blissful record. “Hollywood” is a slow haunting track, filled with Temple’s repetitious whispers of “Hollywood”, crescendoing over lightly plucked strings and band member’s backing chants. “Hands in the Sky” is just as spooky, with shimmering guitars, light percussion and synths unfolding perfectly as Temple sings of a mother’s death. The lyrics, “She was gone and an angel took her place”, portray a graceful scene almost as fragile as the song.

For all the spookiness and slow tracks, Here We Go Magic devotes equal time to energetic psych rock tracks. For fans of faster tracks, there’s opener “Tulips” with its bells, reverb and catchy chorus. “Backwards Time” sounds like something straight from the Police with Temple’s vocals taking a nod to Sting with spacey instrumentals.

Altogether, The January EP is like a journey through Here We Go Magic’s dreams. Its mischievous and fun with an undercurrent of sadness– definitely a charming release to add to their catalog.

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