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Check Out: Grinderman – “Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man” (Joshua Homme remix)

on May 10, 2011, 6:23pm

grinderman homme Check Out: Grinderman   Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man (Joshua Homme remix)

What was it that we said earlier today about remixes between like-minded artists? Oh, right: that those are usually the best. Need further proof? Take a listen to Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme reworking Grinderman‘s song “Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man” from 2010’s Grinderman 2. What was once pure scum rock is now glorious psychedlia, making Grinderman’s frontman Nick Cave all that more terrifying (not that he needed help anyways.)

The remix came about from a chance meeting between Homme and the band at an LA restaurant last year and some involvement by Gridnerman producer Nick Launay. According to a spokesman for the band, Cave and company are quite pleased with Homme’s work. Don’t take their word for it though; stream the song at, or wait ’till it drops as a digital download and 12″ vinyl on June 14th.

Oh, and Mr. Homme, we’re just so glad you’re taking this music thing serious for once.