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iLL-Literacy – “Gentleman’s Kool-Aid”

on May 04, 2011, 2:30pm

Do-it-yourself videos are (needless to say) difficult to pull off. The more complicated the video, the tougher the job for its creators. However, that doesn’t stop the combined forces of iLL-Literacy & Karen Lum from putting together an awesome feature for “Gentleman’s Kool-Aid.” Mostly shot on a passe 8mm camcorder, the scenery entails a hand-made nightclub diorama, a who’s-who of 90s action figures, and a mixture of reinterpreted, psychedelic 16-bit throwbacks. As the Kool Aid Man himself would say….OH YEAH!

Directed by: iLL-Literacy & Karen Lum
Edited by: Mandel Lum

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