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Lemme Get an Encore: Foo Fighters

on May 04, 2011, 12:01am
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Hey, a new feature! With the “Lemme Get an Encore” series, we’ll be focusing on specific artists or acts who are about to go on tour, compiling a tight, short list of 10 songs we feel the band should give another chance. These are mostly tracks that haven’t seen the light of day in years. First up? Dave Grohl & Co. Don’t worry, we’ll get to your favorite artist soon enough. This is just the start.

foofighters2011 Lemme Get an Encore: Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters just won’t stop. Not only did they release a chart-topping seventh studio album (last month’s Wasting Light), they’ve hit the talk show circuit (relentlessly), performed the entirety of their new album online (countless times), and they’re headlining this year’s Hangout, Sasquatch!, and Lollapalooza festivals. (Exactly how Dave Grohl planned it 17 years ago, right?) Their world tour also kicks off this month, and though the planet is just about guaranteed to hear Foo-staples like “Everlong” and “Best of You”, there will inevitably be some songs that simply won’t make the setlist.

It’s a testament to the Foo’s legacy that fans can leave their concerts extremely satisfied yet still wish to hear one or two songs that didn’t get the live treatment that particular evening. The following list of songs pertain to those shafted tracks, songs that haven’t been played frequently or recently (or in some cases, almost ever). And covers aren’t included, so forgive the exclusion of “Darling Nikki”. Hopefully, the band will get to one of these tracks for their upcoming tour, because something has to replace “Miss the Misery” eventually (tugs collar).

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10. “Miracle”

A total 180 from what fans would expect. Imagine this popping up after or before “White Limo”. The song remains one of the band’s finest tranquil moments and a true highlight from the ambitious but overlong In Your Honor. Maybe Grohl can call up John Paul Jones to play the piano once more.

09. “Headwires”

There Is Nothing Left to Lose offers more than just good singles, and this is a fine example of the songs that are anything but “filler” on that album. It’s got a good beat with a big booming chorus, so surely it could sneak its way in midway through the set without any issue.

08. “Overdrive”

Research indicates that this song has hardly been played live – maybe once or twice (SLC IN 2002, as you can watch above). That’s unfortunate as it’s a good song on what many consider the band’s worst album, 2002’s One by One. Heck, it would have fit seamlessly onto There Is Nothing Left to Lose. Crowds would bob up and down to the chorus, guaranteed.

07. “In Your Honor”

A natural inclusion in a setlist. The guitar lead-in alone would send the crowd into a frenzy, only to erupt upon Grohl’s deafening cry of “For you to feel the light!” On a completely different note, does that guitar intro not sound exactly like Radiohead’s “Sulk”?

06. “Gimme Stitches”

One of the band’s sleaziest riffs (if not the sleaziest), it deserves another shot in front of a crowd. Certainly a majority of fans would love to sing along to the chorus, notably the “blood on you” portion. It would be nice to see returning member Pat Smear’s contribution to the track, as well.

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