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The Ravenna Colt – “If Josie Wails Can Fail”

on May 18, 2011, 3:08pm

A Cluster 1 Premiere!

Just over a year ago, former My Morning Jacket axeman Johnny Quaid started the band The Ravenna Colt and released the album Slight Spell. Now comes the video for the somber folk track “If Josie Wails Can Fail,” and Cluster 1 has the pleasure of the premiere.

Directed by 22-year-old Joe Baughman, the video is a perfect companion to the song, like movie and soundtrack. Even Quaid himself says so: “The song is the soundtrack for the film, and this video paints an exact portrait of the story within the song, providing the complete experience. . .”

A stop-motion journey compiled of over 3,000 digital images, classic film negatives, and slide film discontinued by Kodak in 2009, the clip follows a lone figure following the footsteps of his hero through Northern Indiana, only to find said hero gone and himself truly on his own. The use of the slide film furthers the connection between song and sight by using fading film to tell the tale of a fading hero.

Yes, the classic Clint Easton western spelt it ‘Josey Wales,’ but the haunting reference remains, and the video’s imagery advances those ideas aptly. Slight Spell is available on limited edition vinyl over at Karate Body Records, or MP3 through the digital label Quaid co-founded with his cousin, MMJ frontman Jim James, Removador Recordings & Solutions.

– Ben Kaye

Consequence of Sound

Directed by: Joe Baughman

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