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Watch: Beyoncé – “Run the World (Girls)”

on May 18, 2011, 10:08pm

There’s plenty of reasons to be jealous of Beyoncé. She’s got model looks and a bangin’ body, she’s pop music royalty, and her husband is Jay-Z, king of all rappers. But beyond the movie star face and the golden pipes, at the end of the day, Queen B knows how to entertain her fans. Case in point: the haute couture slingin’, big budget feelin’ video for “Girls (Who Run the World)”.

The video, which premiered during American Idol (one of the few reasons left to watch the show/enable the out-of-touch producers), was directed by David Lawrence (who recently did Lady Gaga’s clip for “Judas”) and features a tried and true concept: get a bunch of girls together, make them look like unstoppable warrior queens in amazing high-end fashion, have them fight/dance with men on some exotic locale in Africa, and presto: an instant visual masterpiece. Also, the inclusion of hyenas and/or lions as pets surely can’t hurt.

Update: According to an issued press release, the aptly titled 4 will hit stores June 28th via Columbia Records. Also, per Miss Info, check out the album’s artwork below:

beyonce 4 Watch: Beyoncé   Run the World (Girls)

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