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Watch: Hollerado – “Got to Lose”

on May 02, 2011, 1:15pm

Someone call OK Go, because the competition is heating up. Hollerado‘s video last year for “Americanarama” gave those treadmills a run for their money. Now the Ontario power poppers have brought back director Greg Jardin for another innovative one-take video, this time for “Got to Lose”.

This one takes place in a dark, empty studio but couldn’t feel any less dark or empty. It features complex choreography involving the dance troupe Atomic Cherry Bombs and a lot of umbrellas. The song itself will convince you Weezer never changed, but moved to Canada and hid out for 15 years.

“Got to Lose” appears on Holleadro’s debut full length Record in a Bag, which is available for purchase here.

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