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Watch: Peaches gets dirty in “Mud”

on May 04, 2011, 11:10am

Its been two years since Peaches dropped 2009’s I Feel Cream with the promise to shoot a video for every song. Now, that 22-month, 12-video endeavor concludes with the Vice Cooler-directed video for “Mud”, which debuted over at Spinner.

For the video, which is available above, Cooler and Peaches took the concept of mud quite literally. But mud must have been in short supply, so, according to Peaches in the Spinner interview, “Vice bought fertilizer to use as mud.” Oh, it gets better:  “I knew it was fertilizer but when they started dumping it on me, it smelt like, well, s—, because that is of course what it was.” No matter the challenge, Peaches remains fierce in the synth-heavy bass-driven track. Just for the record, though, this probably isn’t the most grimy act Peaches has been a part of.