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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – The Golden Age EP

on June 28, 2011, 7:57am
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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour might sound like something coming soon to a planetarium near you, but the name actually belongs to a pop band from Denmark. The Danish duo has supported Amy Winehouse and Katy Perry on tour, and drawn the attention of music supervisors for television and commercials around the world. Most notably, their 2008 single “Around the Bend” was used in an iPod Touch commercial, and later appeared on their full length debut, Fruit. Most recently, “The Golden Age” found placement in an extended Heineken spot that featured the artists appearing as themselves performing at one hell of a party.

Although “The Golden Age” was released as a single back in 2009, the attention surrounding the band thanks to that commercial seems as good a reason as any for an EP release, allowing the curious a deeper introduction to the band. The synths here are pure 80’s, as are the vocal stylings of Mette Lindberg, but a lively horn section swings along with an even deeper vintage feel. This organically retro sheen is evident throughout The Golden Age EP’s electropop.

The 80’s continue to live again on the energetic “Fantasy Friend Forever”, which vividly recalls the B-52’s, and the party peaks with a cover of Men Without Hats’ “Safety Dance”. Thanks to Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s funk influence, and the childlike vocals of Mette Lindberg that simultaneously grate and sink their hooks into the ear, the classic guilty pleasure is given a new life. On The Golden Age EP, the band finds a hook, and then runs with it. It makes for an occasionally fun party, but what’s missing from the beats, horns, and ear worming is a substance or quality that makes a throwback pop act fresh, rather than merely familiar. If The Golden Age EP is any indication, then The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is close to finding it.

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