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Check Out: Brian Eno – “Bless This Space” & “Pour It Out”

on June 14, 2011, 12:51pm

brian eno drums between the bells Check Out: Brian Eno   Bless This Space & Pour It Out

Despite his lengthy career, Brian Eno is still out there innovating. Last year’s Small Craft on a Milk Sea saw the ambient music mastermind collaborate with composers/producers Leo Abrahams and Jon Hopkins. Now, Eno continues to break new ground with his collabo with poet Rick Holland entitled Drums Between the Bells.

Featuring spoken word performances set to music, our first taste was the appropriately titled “Glitch”. Now, two more tracks have surfaced prior to the effort’s July 5th release, both of which are streaming below. “Bless This Space” is a cut of straight space jazz, with heavy, menacing vocals. “Pour It Out”, on the opposing spectrum, is a sweeter, more fragile ballad that’s powered by soft female vocals.

Drums Between the Bells hits stores July 5th via Warp. The LP will be available in multiple formats, with pre-orders now ongoing via

“Bless This Space”

“Pour It Out”

Drums Between the Bells Tracklist:
01. bless this space
02. glitch
03. dreambirds
04. pour it out
05. seedpods
06. the real
07. the airman
08. fierce aisles of light
09. as if your eyes were partly closed as if you honed the swirl within them and offered me … the world
10. a title
11. sounds alien
12. dow
13. multimedia
14. cloud 4
15. breath of crows

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