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Update: Kanye West’s “Mama’s Boyfriend” leak is apparently fake

on June 15, 2011, 10:12pm

kanye west Update: Kanye Wests Mamas Boyfriend leak is apparently fake

Yeezy first offered a taste of “Mama’s Boyfriend” in a cappela form at Facebook HQ back in July 2010, however, he ultimately chose to omit the track from his latest opus, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Now, some seven months after his LP’s release, a finished version of the song has hit the web. Remember the good times below (via G.O.O.D. Music Blog):

Update: Universal Music claims the leak is fake. Their full statement follows:

“The version of the Kanye West recording “Mama’s Boy” that arrived on blog sites earlier this week is entirely bogus and unsanctioned, and violates the artist’s creative intentions. As is often the unfortunate case, an unknown party or parties got a hold of Kanye West’s vocal track and added their own soundbed to it, effectively and falsely releasing it as a Kanye West track from the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy sessions. The result in no way resembles the final song Kanye West intended his fans to hear, and he is deeply disappointed that one of the most personal, meaningful and special songs he has ever written would reach people in this way. Needless to say, measures are being taken to identify and prosecute the persons responsible for leaking this material.”