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Lenny Kravitz announces Drake, Jay-Z-featuring Black and White America

on June 30, 2011, 2:40pm

lenny Lenny Kravitz announces Drake, Jay Z featuring Black and White America

As the son of a Jewish father and a black mother, Lenny Kravitz has spent a lifetime towing the line between races and understanding the very essence of duality. Now, for his ninth studio album Black and White America, Kravitz is applying those lessons learned by offering up an effort that balances his older rock output with more diversified sounds and cameos from two of rap’s biggest names, Drake and Jay-Z.

In an interview with Billboard, Kravitz highlighted several album tracks, including hard rock jams “Stand”, “Rock Star City Life”, and “Come and Get It”. As for the record’s collabos, Kravitz described the Jay-Z-featuring “Boongie Drop” as having a reggae vibe, while the song with Drake, the curiously-titled “Sunflower”, was described as “smooth”. Like we’d expect any less from Drizzy.

While some fans and industry insiders may gawk at the notoriously rocking Kravitz hooking up with two hip-hop heavyweights, Kravitz himself just sees it as another chance to explore and make music. “I only go where the music takes me, so if I hear it in the track, I’ll do it. I won’t do something for the sake of, ‘Well, this is hip now.’ When I wrote ‘Boongie Drop’ I heard a rap in the middle, and I immediately heard Jay’s voice and we had collaborated twice before, so I called him and when I went to New York I put him on the track. And then I got on the phone with Drake for [‘Sunflower’] before he had even heard the track and he said, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it. I’m a fan and I love your work and I would love to be on it.’ So that was cool.”

Check out the album’s list of songs below, with an official tracklist still forthcoming. Black and White America hits stores August 30th via Roadrunner/Atlantic.

Black and White America Tracklist:
01. Black and White America
02. Come and Get It
03. Into the Black
04. Liquid Jesus
05. Rock Star City Life
06. Boongie Drop (feat. Jay-Z and DJ Military)
07. Stand
08. Super Love
09. Everything
10. I Can’t Be Without You
11. Looking Back On Love
12. Life Ain’t Ever Been Better Than It Is Now
13. The Faith of a Child
14. Sunflower (feat. Drake)
15. Dream
16. Push

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