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Shine 2009 – “Graduation”

on June 10, 2011, 6:31pm

A Cluster 1 Premiere!

Let’s get real, here — this video probably came out in the wrong decade. As did the song, and probably the band, and not just because the band’s name is Shine 2009. We’re talking about at least two decades here, not two years.

The duo that recorded its last video on VHS (and featured Paula Abdul) has now released another retro dance track, “Graduation”, this time backed by some Jordan Bulls-era computer animation. It’s essentially a bunch of geometric doodles with a planet thrown in here and there for the outer space effect, and the Finnish musicians have had their heads molded into grey statuesque figures — see the end of the D.V. Caputo-directed video for a comparison, as well as some awesome haircuts.

-Harry Painter

Directed by: D.V. Caputo

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