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The Fourth

on June 13, 2011, 6:55pm

It seems in most initial ventures, you more often than not wind up one man short. Whether it’s starting a band or looking for investment partners, the search can be a long and difficult one. In the case of Jared Varava’s short comedy, The Fourth, our main characters need a fourth runner for their relay team. Their rivals are a Hans and Franz send-up team of Germans who own a hot tub business. Will the team stay together long enough to succeed in their goals? Will runner Hank get the hot tub he’s always wanted? Can William avoid the temptation of carbs? Watch, laugh, and find out!

Directed by: Jared Varava
Written by: Justin Varava
Produced by: Amanda Veith and An Illusion of Movement
Cinematography by: Damian Acevedo
Art Direction by: Josh Inch
Editing by: Nimrod Erez
Score by: David Strackany

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