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Today on Cluster 1: Arcade Fire, YACHT, Beach Fossils, Le Butcherettes, Old Abram Brown, and more! (6/17)

on June 17, 2011, 4:02pm

cluster 1 monitor test400 300x297 Today on Cluster 1: Arcade Fire, YACHT, Beach Fossils, Le Butcherettes, Old Abram Brown, and more! (6/17)


Old Abram Brown – “Tides” – A Cluster 1 live premiere that takes place in a library. Quiet libraries are for the birds….rock and roll libraries however, are so in.


Arcade Fire – “We Used to Wait” & “Sprawl II” – The Canadian import visits Chicago’s Sound Opinions for a stripped down affair.

Le Butcherettes – “New York” – Brought to you by Terroreyes.tv,  Le Butcheress tells her story of what New York means to her, before rocking her song about the city that never sleeps.

Music Videos:

YACHT – “Utopia” – Um, this one’s fucking weird. Let’s just say, Tim & Eric would be proud – jealous even!

Beach Fossils – “Adversity” – Simple, contemplative images.

Clubfeet – “Edge of Extremes” – Images layered in the shape of a pyramid.

The Hundred in the Hands – “Pigeons” – Sometimes keggars get out of hand….but not on a level that makes one vomit sparks.

The Wave Pictures – “Blue Harbour” – Turntables display the lyrics….what a concept!


Carving the Mountains – A female longboard crew shreds gnar to infinity.


The Cyclotrope – It’s not animation of just a wheel, that would be silly. It’s the wheel that DOES the animation.


No Cover Episode 4: Sharp Dressed Man – This week, Randy makes yet another unorthodox move in his strategy…he hunts down a manager.

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