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Today on Cluster 1: New No Cover, Matt Duke, Other Lives, Max Burgundy, and Osheaga Festival! (6/15)

on June 15, 2011, 5:21pm

cluster 1 monitor test400 300x297 Today on Cluster 1: New No Cover, Matt Duke, Other Lives, Max Burgundy, and Osheaga Festival! (6/15)


No Cover Episode 4: Sharp Dressed Man – This week, Randy makes yet another unorthodox move in his strategy…he hunts down a manager.


Matt Duke – “Love You Anymore” – A noir-style music video complete with choreography that involves a bed.

Music Videos:

Other Lives – “For 12” – It’s just like 2001: A Space Odyssey but way shorter, not as boring, and has beautiful psychedelic indie backing it up.

Max Burgundy – “Life Ain’t Funny” – Max Burgundy takes hip-hop back to the streets of New York…LITERALLY.

Sander Kleinenberg – “This is Our Night” – A mysterious neon beverage makes people let loose…I hope for their hangover’s sake it’s not Hypnotiq.

Alexander – “Let’s Win!” – The Edward Sharpe frontman brings a dramatic video that features footage of the trials against the U.S. Department of Land Management when they tried to sell public land to oil companies.

Elysian Fields – “Red Riding Hood” – This clip turns the fairy tale into an episode of True Blood. *Shivers*


Osheaga 2011 Lineup – Are you ready? We sure are!

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